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What We’d Do This Weekend – 10/26-10/28

What We’d Do This Weekend – 10/26-10/28

It’s time to get into Halloween-y! If you’re in for more scares or dares, go no further than our complete guide to Halloween in LA right here


Movie:  Are You Afraid of the Everything is at Cinefamily

Ghostly nostalgia ensues at this Halloween warm-up that Cinefamily is hosting, featuring TV shows from the 90s, a time well before Kenan Thompson and SNL made acquaintance. Go Good Burger with a photo booth, S’more bar, dank drinks, a campfire, and a festival of activities in this $12 time machine that starts at 7:30pm.

Enter the Secret World of Alex (fill in the blank)

611 North Fairfax Avenue  Los Angeles, CA 90036

Music: M83 DJ set at Lure

Ok, so we’re not really the clubbing type, but we can dance in our Forever 21 short shorts just like the rest of them. The Fidlar show at the Echo is sold out, and an M83 DJ set for under $30 sounds like a sorta fun intro into Halloween weekend after a few drinks (maybe start classy at Piano Bar, then get messy?).

1439 Ivar Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Pretend you’re 18, do the Hollywood thing

Other: Theatre in the Dark at Odyssey Theatre Ensemble 

For those who like to dine in the dark and want to take their theatre in the same fashion, head out to the Odyssey Theatre’s show this weekend, which happens totally in the dark. It’s great for the sort of people that frequent plays, but even if you don’t compare your life to No Exit or quote Mamet as a part of regular speech you’ll have a great time (if you like being scared). Thespians go haunted in this intimate evening of screams that start at 8pm for $30, which is a lot cheaper than attending AMDA.

Dim the lights here

2055 South Sepulveda Boulevard  Los Angeles, CA 90025


Movie: Dusk-to-Dawn Horrorthon at the Aero

When was the last time you watched a scary movie and were like “I could use more of that? Like, five times more?” It’s a rare occasion for us too, but why not savor the moment at the 7th Annual Dusk-to-Dawn at the Aero Theatre. Featured this year are favorites Hellraiser, Motel Hell (not to be confused with Gordon Ramsay’s new show Hotel Hell, also scary), The Devil’s Rain, Christine, The Living Dead of Manchester Morgue, and the Manitou. It’s $20, but that’s like $80 cheaper than a hotel room and it comes with free food and giveaways. Yeah. Think about it.

Go goth here

1328 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Music: Screamin’ Jay Hopkins Halloween Tribute Show at Historic Monument 157

Dance into the night at a budget friendly Halloween extravaganza that takes place in an old Victorian mansion with musical tributes to Screamin’ Jay Hopkins. Show starts at 8pm with a $10 recommended donation at the door. The evening features performances by Tommy Santee Klaws, Dorian Wood, Speedybug USA, VUM, Amanda Jo Williams, and RT n’ the 44’s and will be decorated in the style of tiki/voodoo graveyard with dancing, costumes, a coffin and an onstage toilet (what!)?

3110 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90031

Other: Dia de Los Muertos at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

If you’re a dead-head (the other kind), participate in the biggest Dia celebration at LA’s Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where this year the Mayans are en vogue. The festival features the musical stylings of Ozomatli, Aztec ritual dance, 100+ altars, food vendors, arts and crafts, and a grand procession. Be sure to bring $10 cash in exact change to appease the gods (and get yourself in) in a day you can finally get your masks out for (or your DVD copy of 2012 as a pregame).

6000 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038


Movie: Clue and Costume Ball at Electric Dust Drive-In

It’s opening night at Electric Dust Drive-In, and they’re kicking off with Clue and a costume ball. It’s a great film that won’t horrify you (unless you’re afraid of Tim Curry, we get it). Carhops will bring you food as you enjoy a nearly extinct entertainment on this retro downtown roof amongst the city lights. The mystery begins at 7:30 and will cost you $10 online.

Be strategic – tickets are cheaper when you buy earlier

240 W. 4th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Music: Cult of Youth at Los Globos

Go see a band that Pitchfork loves the crap out of this Sunday night at Los Globos. In a weekend brimming with DJs and pricey Halloween love, maybe you just want to dance in a seedy nightclub on the cheap to a non-mashup Top 40, and we’re all about that. These psychedelic neo-folkers play alongside Pure Ground, Jackladder & The Dreamlanders, and SURVIVE. The show starts at 9 and tickets are $10, which is like getting a $3 t-shirt at Disneyland (Halloween in Disneyland = expensive, Los Globos is $3 souvenir t-shirt cheap).

Join a cult here

3040 W Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Other: Schtick or Treat at Taix

If you like your candy mixed with a side of laughs, then go check out some comedians impersonating other comedians at Schtick or Treat at Taix. That’s right, at 8:30 on Sunday, you can check out a totally free show where comedians do short sets as other people. That idea in itself sounds kind of creepy, and it’s just in time for Halloween. Besides, where else could you check out Aziz and Kristen Schaal for free? We personally look forward to hearing a lady do Bill Cosby jokes (hopefully while clad in a Bill Cosby sweater).

1911 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026

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