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What We’d Do This (Long!) Weekend – 10/5-10/8

What We’d Do This (Long!) Weekend – 10/5-10/8


Los Angeles Events This Weekend.

The Los Angeles Events Guide for Los Angeles Music, Los Angeles Movies, and other cool Los Angeles Events happening this Columbus Day Weekend (10/5-10/8)


Music: Culture Collide all over East LA

This weekend, FILTER is putting on Culture Collide, a four day international music blowout in East LA, featuring the work of musicians from twenty-five different countries. Friday night paves way to the weekend with local happy hour specials, screenings, and tons of great music from the likes of Zola Jesus, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Voxhaul Broadcast. The best part? $20 gets you in all. Weekend. Long. Now aren’t you glad you live in a place where summer never stops?

Pay the awesome folks at Oh My Rockness a visit with detailed concert and venue info here

Movie: 1408 at Pershing Square

Is John Cusack your idea of a good time? Do you wonder about the people who stayed before you in creepy old hotels when you stay at creepy old hotels? Do you like that famous writer guy, Steven King? If you answered “yay” to any of these questions, partake in a free screening of 1408 in Pershing Square this weekend. It’s full of cheap scares, it does that single location thing well in a big budget kind of way, and it stars John Cusack in a horror movie similar to that other horror movie he was in, but different (hotels are classier than motels, right?). But really, it’s good, it’s not horrifically scary, and it’s totally and completely free.

The haunting begins at 8 pm in Pershing: 532 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90189

Other: Horrible Movie Night at Nerdist

We are jonesing to check out a film that the folks over at Horrible Movie Night claim make The Room look like it was directed by Orson Wells. Apparently, they’re whipping out the big ones with a giant movie stink bomb like you’ve never seen on Friday night in honor of their three year anniversary making fun of bad movies. Take your favorite at home pastime of making fun of bad movies, and combine that with funny people pointing out laughable moments (John Mathot and Susan Wright), and you’ve got yourself a perfect Friday evening, paired with a few drinks, of course. Fingers crossed it’s LOL!

Pay to see something horrible here: 7522 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA, 90046


Music: Eagle Rock Music Festival at Eagle Rock Center for the Arts

Time to take the SPF 50,  the jean cutoffs, and that rockabilly bandana thing out of hiding, because the weekend of delicious music continues on Saturday with the Eagle Rock Music Festival on Colorado Blvd. The festival hosts eleven different stages, over seventy bands and DJs, square dancing, food trucks, and arts and crafts. You can jam out and rock out and drink out (and whatever you do out) to the stylings of Peanut Butter Wolf, Duniven, Terraplane Sun, So Many Wizards, and others. There’s a ten dollar donation once you get there, and the party kicks off at 2 pm and dwindles at 11.

Colorado Blvd. between Argus Dr. and Eagle Rock Blvd

Movie: Gattaca at Barnsdall Park

Remember Gattaca? I know, we forgot for a minute too, but it’s still around, and it’s playing this weekend in Barnsdall Park. It’s a Sci-Fi space travel sort of thing, but let’s be honest – you’re just there for the Ethan/Uma 90’s smoulder. So sip on some vino where you travel to a time before Bruce Willis was Joseph Gordon Levitt, when the Spice Girls were still a thing, and Lindsay Lohan was getting Parent Trapped. You can get there at 5:30 if you want to do a full on tasting, or if movie only is more your bag, opt for the second pick on the tickets page.

Uma and Ethan here Barndall Park: 4800 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles 90027

Other: Grand Park’s Downtown Block Party at Grand Park

A humongous four-block-block-party is going to make its way downtown this weekend for the opening of Grand Park. There’s a lot of the usual suspects there: food trucks, live music, yadda, but the most exciting part to us is that there will be performances in the sky. That’s right, we’re about to go all Copperfield on you and tell you that people will perform sky art (or if you want to be official, they’re called aerialists). Whatever, we’re excited. You should be too.

Have some FREE fun on us at 210 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012


Music: Abbott Kinney Festival in Venice

Happy weekend of great music, sunshine kids-here’s your third music festival of the weekend. Venice is putting up Abbott Kinney fest again, a free and eco-friendly bash, arts, beer gardens, a Whole Foods Green Scene, and music all day long from 10 am to 6 pm from American Royalty, Nite Jewel, Living Things, Them Jeans, DWNTWN, and way more. You know how Venice parties. They do it right, and today’s basically Saturday, right? You’re close enough to the beach to catch some rays before embracing your inner earth child.

More info on the stages here. Festival takes place in Venice, CA on Abbott Kinney

Movie: Shriekfest at Raleigh Studios

Just in time for Halloween, Raleigh Studios is dosing out some fear-based-fun with an all horror film festival. All sorts of doll heads and oozy stuff, all weekend long, including tons of international horror. Generally that stuff scares us more, but maybe it’s just because we can’t tell what they’re saying (line like “there’s nothing to be afraid of” are way scarier in a gutteral German dialect). This one is worth checking out if you’re into screaming in that independent-support-new-artists kind of way.

Bumps in the night here. 5300 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Other: Ciclavia at Various

Ciclavia sounds like the title of a dusty book that sits over the fireplace, or the answer to a riddle, or a song by Beirut. Ciclavia is also LA’s biggest block party, and if you don’t know what that means, you’re bound to see a lot of people on bikes, though we’ll probably be there on rollerblades because we’re cool like that. Ciclavia runs through Exposition Park, Mariachi Plaza, and Grand Park downtown.

Fix up that fixy and go here


Music: The Black Keys at Honda Center

The Black Keys. You love them. We love them. It’s that Monday time. You’re ready to let down, and let go, and hear the songs you know the words to while you shake it. Just catchy enough. Head over to the Honda Center to hear the Black Keys, or just buy a Black Keys t-shirt if you’re one of those people that really likes t-shirts. Okay, we forgot to mention that this show is in Anaheim, but make like real rock stars and the people that follow them and go for a mini road trip loaded with beef jerky while you listen to songs from Almost Famous and smoke Cloves.

Stop being a Lonely Boy. 2695 E. Katella, Anaheim, CA 92806

Movie: Compliance at Cinefamily

Good ole’ Cinefamily. Get there early enough and you can score prime seating (one of their leather couches to share in the front two rows) to a creepy Monday night of interrogation based on true events. Everything from the summary to the photo on IMDB to the logline gives us that weird skin crawly feeling, and we know it’s going to be an awesome brand of weird.

Eek out here. 611 N. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Other: Oh Boy Comedy at Lola’s

Nothing closes out a weekend as nicely as some well-deserved laughs at a perfect price (FREE) in a cozy lounge on Fairfax with the longest martini list you’ve ever seen in your life. Try a classic apple or go wild with a tequila martini at this free Monday night stand-up show featuring Baron Vaughn (Fairly Legal), Blake Wexler (opens for Todd Glass), Jake Weisman (WOMEN comedy), Dave Ross (WOMEN, Holy Fuck Comedy), Megan Koester (“Independent woman”), and Georgia Brooks-a funny Canadian. The show starts at 8, but you’re welcome to start drinking at any point in time. That’s right. It’s Monday.

945 N Fairfax Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90046

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