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United Film Fest @ Los Feliz Cinemas – 7 pm/$10

United Film Fest @ Los Feliz Cinemas – 7 pm/$10

Living in Hollywood can be kind of nice, right? Surrounded by great weather, artsiness, filmmakers, etc? It’s like we get a front row seat to all the awesome stuff the rest of the country needs to watch on dumb TV. Unless, of course, they are lucky enough to be in one of six cities that hosts the yearly United Film Festival. And we are! It’s time for the Los Angeles United Film Festival!

The mission of UFF is to bring art and creativity together to create a united film community — to bring together talented filmmakers from diverse backgrounds, thus creating a “United” showcase of creative energy and talent. It’s a film festival for everyone, a place where art and community converge. So while we may be the only ones to get the great weather year-round, it’s nice to know this Fest doesn’t just cater to us Californians. This week, however, is our lucky week. Not only do we get the opportunity to check out some amazing films (both old and new!), but all screenings take place in one of our favorite (read: cheap) movie theaters, the Los Feliz 3. Screenings run the gamut from $5 to $10 but buying online through paypal does incur a $0.75 fee — don’t say we didn’t warn you. Best bet is to head to the box office to pick up tix to the screen gems playing each day. No fee. Super-fun movie times. Hooray.

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Address: 1822 Vermont Ave.

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