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Sessions with Scott @ Dangerfield’s – 8 pm/$5

Sessions with Scott @ Dangerfield’s – 8 pm/$5

We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “man, it sure has been awhile since I got my mind blown.” And you’re right. It has been awhile. According to one source, it’s been 5 months to be exact. But fortunately for you, your next chance to get your mind blown is right around the corner because…


That’s right, after way too long of a hiatus things are getting real on Thursday, May 3. The last show was in November, and it got so fucking crazy we needed 5 months to recover.

Sessions with Scott is a storytelling show produced by Scott Luhrs where the theme is ALWAYS stories about getting fucked up, with a different sub-theme that changes monthly. This month’s theme is “regret”.

Now Scott is a crazy son of a bitch (sounds like our neighbor…it’s not). He’s fucking wild, man. And you know what? He’s terrified of how wild and crazy the people on this line-up are. So come on down to Dangerfield’s 3, grab a free beer and get your mind blown.

–via Rent Food Broke

Address: 2524 1/2 James M. Wood, Los Angeles CA

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