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Redefining Genre Filmmaking @ the Egyptian (Spielberg Theatre) – 7:30 pm/$20

Redefining Genre Filmmaking @ the Egyptian (Spielberg Theatre) – 7:30 pm/$20

What does the future of genre filmmaking look like?

Why is it better today to make a “neo-realist” Western or a “Science Fantasy” than the classical version?

With “torture porn” pretty much behind us, what does an “elevated” horror film look like?

Why is it a bad idea to make a romantic comedy like PRETTY WOMAN or a “gross comedy” like BRIDESMAIDS?  Is there an original laugh yet to be had in comedy filmmaking?

What new foundations do today’s best action films, musicals and film noirs rest upon?

Is there a way to transcend the influences of genre filmmaking completely?

On April 26, Film Consultant and Former Director of Programming, Los Angeles Film Festival, Thomas Ethan Harris (BLUE VALENTINE, GEORGE WASHINGTON, KISSING JESSICA STEIN, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT) further deconstructs, dissects and dismantles genre filmmaking and comes up with a modern approach to genre success!

Film clips will be used to inspire an open dialogue with the audience.

–via American Cinematheque

Address: 6712 Hollywood Blvd.

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