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Ramona Falls @ the Echo – 8:30 pm/$10

Ramona Falls @ the Echo – 8:30 pm/$10

Ramona Falls is a trail leading to a shady glen where a spilling torrent of water appears 100 feet above, cascading down to the creek bed below. Ramona Falls is also Brent Knopf’s first solo venture – although you may know him through his extensive musical resume as part of Portland trio, Menomena*.

Named after his favorite childhood hiking trail on Mount Hood in Oregon, Ramona Falls was, to Knopf as a boy, a refuge from the world and a gathering place within it, an ideal of what a forest should be. As a music project, Ramona Falls serves both as a sanctuary, as Menomena eased into a period of rest, and a community, as Knopf collaborated extensively with musicians in Portland and New York. Knopf limited time with his cohorts to bouts of three hours each (and should they ever need Knopf for three hours to play keyboards, or mow their lawn, all they need do is ask.)

Intuit is a beautiful and breathtaking glimpse into a profound journey of love, loss, exploration of life and self.

–via the Echo

Address: 1822 Sunset Blvd.

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