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Mini Comic Con @ Center for the Arts Eagle Rock – 11 am/FREE

Mini Comic Con @ Center for the Arts Eagle Rock – 11 am/FREE

Participating Artists:
Chuck BB, Akina Cox, Andrew James Cox, Marcos De La Siref, Shannon Freshwater, Andy Gohlich, Rebecca Inducil, Keenan Keller, Matt Macfarland, Laura Marchetti, John Martin, Jed McGowan, Kwanchai Moriya, Tom Neely, Christine Nguyen, Winona Regan, Anthony Rodriguez, Yumi Sakugawa, Britt Sanders, Adrian Tenney, Mark Todd, Dave Van Patten, Esther Pearl Watson, Megan Whitmarsh, Adriana Yugovich

Mini Comic-Con narrows the focus of the monolithic pop-culture event of Comic Con to its humble origins: the overshadowed vanguard of small press and independent comics.  The exhibition highlights work that experiments with visual storytelling, both in content and form. Through selective appropriation of narrative devices and the invention of new ones, creators explore new ways to craft stories.

Mini Comic-Con exhibits recent work by emerging and established independent comic artists, a diverse group that is connected by shared influences: traditional comics, literature, film, experimental visual disciplines, DIY and small press culture, and a desire to project a singular voice. These works do more than tell a story with pictures; they blur high art, fantasy, and mundane experience to create something else entirely. Sometimes funny, sometimes fearlessly earnest, the artists use accessible yet refined drawing techniques to simultaneously connect with the viewer and generate a narrative structure that draws us further into their created worlds.

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Address: 2225 Colorado Blvd.

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