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Land of Look Behind @ Cinefamily – 10 pm/$12

Land of Look Behind @ Cinefamily – 10 pm/$12

“This film achieves things never seen before in the history of cinema.” — Werner Herzog

“[T]he heart of the film inhabits its details: a backwoods countryman carefully locates and presents a small indigenous tree toad to the camera; a shot of Gregory Isaacs from behind as he exists a ground floor office and walks into Kingston’s hard sunlight; and the haunting closing sequence involving a young Rasta in the hills, undulating to Marley’s voice and rhythms floating from a tape player, as though the music contains the secret code to a deep spiritual mystery.  And, in fact, it does.” — Jim Jarmusch

When director Alan Greenberg went to Jamaica with the intent on making a doc about the funeral of Bob Marley, he instead fell under the spell of with the strange island’s amazing sights and sounds — and with the open eyes of a great documentarian, he captured its striking contrasts of paradise and poverty.   Greenberg created a quixotic, beautifully filmed daydream that brings out qualities one might not have recognized before in the country’s landscapes.  A mystical, powerful experience that will transform your view of Jamaica, its denizens, and the world.

–via Cinefamily

Address: 611 N. Fairfax

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