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Identity Card @ Cinefamily – 7:30 pm/$12

Identity Card @ Cinefamily – 7:30 pm/$12

The next time you reminisce about the trials and tribulations of your teenage years — consider what that time of your life would’ve been like in ‘70s Communist Czechoslovakia!  “Based on the novel of the same title by Petr Sabach, this bittersweet comedy focuses on four friends coming of age in the Seventies. The Communist regime’s dubious gift of a state identity card confers alleged adult status on the 15-year-olds, but plants the seeds of rebellion as the influence of rock music and Western hippie values pull them in daring new directions” (Siskel Film Center.)  This epic teenage period piece is helmed by Ondřej Trojan, the two-time Oscar-nominated producer of  Divided We Fall and director of ŽelaryCome early for Cinefamily’s Identity Card pre-show featuring vintage footage of classic Czech rock ‘n roll!
Dir. Ondřej Trojan, 2010, 137 min.

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Address: 611 N. Fairfax

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