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Double Double Animal Style Revealed @ Alex – 7 pm/$9

Double Double Animal Style Revealed @ Alex – 7 pm/$9

Love InNout as much as I do? If yes, then join me and myself in this InNOut making activity.

* The secret “Animal-Style” formula revealed

* In-n-Out Secret sauce

* Where to buy the right kind of ground beef (hint, not Ralphs or Whole Foods)

* Exquisite beers provided

Favorite west coast burger? In-N-Out! There is nothing that sounds more appealing than a perfect burger fresh off the grill, except one you can make at home! Starting with choosing your meat, making patties, seasoning and grilling tips. You will move on to making In-N-Outs secret sauce and discovering their coveted “Animal Style” recipe. To top it off, you will even get to sample an array of beers to wash down your burger. So why not bring your favorite burger into the comfort of your own home?

** must register on Lifecrowd to reserve a spot.

–via Yelp Events

Address: 875 S. Victoria Ave.

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