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Castle in the Sky @ Cinefamily – 8 pm/$12

Castle in the Sky @ Cinefamily – 8 pm/$12

Come soar with the first feature ever created by Studio Ghibli!  Castle In The Sky finds Ghibli maestro Hayao Miyazaki in full-blown visionary mode, confidently piloting another high-altitude adventure — one stuffed this time around with magic levitation crystals, giant robots, and wisecracking steampunk sky pirates.  The adventure of two orphans on a fated mission to restore order to Laputa (Earth’s last floating city) is steeped in familiar film fantasies, but is far too much fun to ever feel trite. From the film’s opening airship escape to its spellbinding finale, Miyazaki’s flair for imaginative worldbuilding elevates the intricately conceived dream architecture and gripping action sequences that would soon become Ghibli’s stock-in-trade.  Castle in the Sky remains a seminal moment, encapsulating Miyazaki’s obsessions while providing a framework for everything that was to follow.  Our screening of Castle In The Sky is presented in Japanese with English subtitles.
Dir. Hayao Miyazaki, 1986, 35mm, 126 min.

Watch the trailer for “Castle In The Sky”! (NOTE: This trailer contains scenes from the English-dubbed version of the film.  Cinefamily’s May 11th screening of the film is in Japanese with English subtitles.)

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Address: 611 N. Fairfax

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