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Black Flamingo @ the Echoplex – 8 pm/$7

Black Flamingo @ the Echoplex – 8 pm/$7

Black Flamingo began as the musical love child of multi-instrumentalists/vocalists Kimi and Ammo.
After a chance encounter at a Halloween house party in San Francisco’s Mission District — where they bonded on all things black, Bauhaus and beaches — the two girls became obsessed with each other, packed up their things and headed for Southern California’s hot climate. Relocating to LA’s East Side, Black Flamingo began crafting their spell. Scalding late nights were spent writing enchantments and setting them to melody. Kimi’s booming voice and signature ballad songwriting paired naturally with Ammo’s dark melodies and climbing bass lines to create music that pushes the threshold of contemporary conventions. Their first, self-titled EP quickly garnered the attention of local music aficionadod, and the girls decided that it was time to play their first live show. With Kimi on guitar,and Ammo on bass, all they needed now was a few more members to round out the band. The girls turned to their best friends for help.

Christopher Vick, whose other-worldly guitar playing had been confined to his bedroom until that point, was recruited right away and filmmaker Mareesa Stertz was called upon to play keyboard. Still in need of a drummer, Recor summoned friend and former musiccollaborator, Alex Posell, who relocated from New York to join Black Flamingo. After the first show Poul Johansen was brought on as a second drummer, to expand on the dark wall of harmonic sound that had become signature to Black Flamingo.

As a six-piece, the band has achieved “gothereal Momma’s and the Poppas” style sound, with four piece harmonies, epic , washed out guitars and an undeniable rhythm section, that will echo through your ribcage, long after the band has played.

Address: 1154 Glendale Blvd.

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