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Alternative Projections @ Cinefamily – 7:30 pm/$12

Alternative Projections @ Cinefamily – 7:30 pm/$12

Alternative Projections’ previous Spielberg Theater show of Early Abstractions (from the 1940s and 1950s) presented an evolution of filmic imagery, spanning from the heady terrain of long-ago abstracted sculptural shapes to the early images created by animation and optical printer.  In this sequel show, at Cinefamily we continue the survey with a peek into the classic ‘60s/’70s era.  As in the earlier show, John and James Whitney continue as key figures, but working separately.  John Whitney’s 1967 Experiments in Motion Graphics introduces the possibilities of computer animations, the classic films 7362 by Pat O’Neill and Kitsch in Synch by Adam Beckett reveal some of the unbelievable possibilities of optical printer work, Jules Engel’s Train Landscape uses traditional animation, and Michael Scroggins works with pioneering video manipulation!

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Address: 611 N. Fairfax



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