About Us

We get it: on a Friday night after a long week drenched in paperwork and e-mails, it’s easy to curl up with the handmade fleece blanket your mom sent you in a care package and watch an Adam Sandler movie, gently clutching a non-locally brewed beer for life. It’s easy to become comfortable, to not explore what is in your backyard, and to find yourself strangely mesmerized by Rob Schneider. We know, because we’ve been guilty of it too.

When we first moved to Los Angeles, we didn’t know about the pinanta district, the multiple pirate bars, or the shortest railway in the world. We did the obvious things. We visited the stars on Hollywood Blvd, put an overpriced brunch on our credit cards at the Ivy, and got neon shocked at the Universal Citywalk while drinking overpriced beer and listening to Paula Cole’s Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? But then, we became curious. We started collecting tidbits of information. After five years of living here, talking to people, visiting new neighborhoods, and trying to live our lives in constant exploration, we’ve curated the sort of information we wish we would have been greeted with before we even landed at LAX.

So many people in Los Angeles sit at home wishing they knew what was happening. The thing about LA is, there’s always something happening, but sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming to navigate new waters. That’s why we’re here to hold your hand and lead you into a tiny mall in K-Town with $1.99 Soju bottles, a Cuban speakeasy and cigar bar, and movie theaters renovated by Quentin Tarantino.

We live every day In Search of a City. Want to join us?