In Search of a City Contributors

You might find Los Angeles couple Thea Green and Chris Weiss a number of places on a Friday night. Perhaps they’re taking a sunset rollerblade on the Strand from Manhattan to Redondo Beach. They might re-doing their own version of Pitch Perfect at Rosen Karaoke Studios in K-Town, followed by a few drinks at a bar made famous by Nick Miller (The Prince). They’re most likely at $1 Sake happy hour at Omi Sushi. And with so many suburbs, they’re definitely not at home unless some kind of Mad Men catch-up session is in order.

Los Angeles as a whole is daunting. In the county alone, there are 9.8 million people spread out over 113.8 billion square feet! Top pick number 7 will always be a Wax Museum or the Hollywood Sign. We believe that to truly explore Los Angeles you need to view it as a series of smaller communities with varied offerings: to view it as“seventy-two suburbs in search of a city.” We love the opportunity to experience life as a world traveler just by going from downtown to the coast and soaking in the flavor of different neighborhoods of LA, from hipster to haute hippie. We love the film festivals, the food trucks, the secret locations, the passwords, the artisan cocktails, the sample sales, the local love, the Art Walk, the Kevin Bacon-ness of it all, and the ability to go out on the town with a little sand in your shoes.

Thea is a writer and director, Chris is a movie enthusiast and attorney . Together, they explore the many neighborhoods of Los Angeles, hoping to find the hidden gems in each neighborhood that make up this great city.

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